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During my studies I was exposed to the magic that occurs in the dark room, and since the analogue photographic processes and their complexity became an essential part of my photography.

This project on the edge anthropology and art has began in 2012, when I started to “collect” young Israelis, who gave me a strong impression or influenced me in some way, and photograph them in various parts of the country. It is about a group of people living together and connected to each other and their surrounding. In some way I'm working to create an overview of the nation, the bottom line of which is - they are all landmates. Through the filming process I seek to better understand their personality, their relationship with their Habitus, and to predict the birth of the new tribes. Through filming, I raise questions related to the silent dialogue between the photographer, the photographed, and later - the audience.

Can the photographers see their subject as they really are, or their habitus, their surrounding can change the impression dramatically? Can the viewer be a part of the dialogue, or is the audience just a bystander?

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